National Police Week is Here!

Where Did It All Begin? National Police Week was started during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, in 1962. He proclaimed May 15th Peace Officers Memorial Day and established the surrounding week as National Police Week. In 1982, the first Memorial Service was held in Senate Park with about 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement gathered […]

Police Department Software

Technology is important for almost every kind of business, and the public safety sector is no exception. MdE has developed a variety of web-based software programs which enable police departments to run more smoothly and efficiently in all areas from employee management to equipment tracking and much more. Performance Evaluation Software Being able to access[…..]

Police Recruit Termination

Terminating an employee is never a desirable option, but sometimes it is necessary for the efficiency of a company or organization. When it comes to police recruits, it is imperative that only the most qualified advance into the force, for the safety of the public, as well as the rest of the police force. Unfortunately,[…..]

4 Questions to Ask Your Police Software Vendor

When you are shopping for police software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. There are many vendors out there offering software for police training, employee records management, equipment tracking and even for your K9 unit! When looking for the right software product, don’t forget to also look for a good vendor, because the two[…..]

What You Can Do With K9 Tracking Software

You might have gone digital and switched to software for police training, but what about your K9 unit? Accurate K9 record keeping is just as important and is now mandatory in most modern police departments. It helps ensure compliance, reduce liability and provides a wealth of statistical data that can be used to improve your[…..]

3 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Police Training Records

As someone familiar with law enforcement from experience, at MdE we know that keeping track of training can be a huge pain. There is training for recruits and training for in-service officers, each with different requirements to keep in mind. Then there are employees who miss training and need to make up for it. What[…..]

5 Police Technology Updates for Your Department

Does your police department embrace technology? Or are you still running it like it’s 1999? The chances are, you have adopted some technological advances to make your work more efficient, while other technologies didn’t make sense for you at the time. But the times have changed and police tech has evolved. Here are some of[…..]

Best Practices for Writing Police Employee Evaluations

As a law enforcement officer, you know that while the main focus of your job has to do with public safety, you can’t completely avoid the paperwork. It’s dull and routine, but as someone’s supervisor, you are expected to provide timely performance evaluations and other related reports. Do you often find yourself staring at a[…..]

4 Types of Must-Have Software for Police Departments

Over the years of working in law enforcement, you’ve probably noticed how increasingly important technology is in your line of duty. Computers, internet and electronic record-keeping make the information more organized, easily accessible and, most importantly, help you do your work faster! In case your police department is still relying on paperwork in some areas,[…..]