Police officers put their lives on the line every day and when they do, knowing their qualifications are up to date and compliant with the law is essential. When partnering with MdE, Inc. for your Firearms Qualification software, compliance requirements for firearms/weapons certifications will be easy to record and retrieve.

Benefit from Digital Firearms Qualifications

  • Eliminate double entry of data – input and email results directly from the range
  • Specify requirements based on firearm type used to qualify
  • Include additional factors at time of qualification entry, i.e. weather, day/night, etc.
  • Capture department-issued versus approved-for-use (personally owned) weapon qualification

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Quickly Access Electronic Firearms Qualifications

Lawsuits can be prevented by keeping accurate digital records of firearms qualifications. When firearms qualifications expire, officers may not be permitted to perform their jobs in accordance with the law.

By automating qualifications, this is a worry of the past. Never again will you need to fret about making sure your officers’ qualifications are submitted in a timely fashion. Results can be input from the range and are immediately accessible in-house.

Prove Compliance: If it is not documented, it never happened

First responders are subject to more scrutiny than ever. The ability to keep current with firearms and weapon certifications and maintain accurate records is a vital part of a healthy agency. Electronically transferring records from the field to the office minimizes the chances of lost records and potential claims of mismanaged or non-existing training, Contact MdE for a free demonstration of how our Firearms Qualification module can streamline the documentation and provide quick access to Firearms Qualifications.