Embracing Unity: A Weekend at the Police Unity Tour

To serve and protect. Words that are well known around the United States, but what and who do they represent? As a citizen, those words meant nothing more than seeing a police officer standing on the corner of an intersection simply “observing” the area they were assigned to. “My tax dollars are going towards this?” […]


Aspiring First Responders need to undergo rigorous testing to ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve and protect their community. Testing helps to evaluate their competency in law, policies, and procedures, ethical behavior, and physical abilities. It also prepares them for real-life situations and reduces the risk of liability for their[…..]

Customer Service and Software

Whether your team is working to protect the public, or they are providing community services, software is the key to any modern organization. Without reliable software, police, fire, and emergency medical services wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of the job. However, even trusted software needs a human touch from time to[…..]

One Size Does Not Fit All For Your Team

One Size Does Not Fit All for Your Team When it comes to finding the right software for your public safety team, there are a lot of options. Even a simple Google search can return hundreds of thousands of results. With so many software companies to partner with, how can you know which one will[…..]

Inspiration for Independence

Inspiration for Independence Celebrating our Freedom Bold and courageous were the hundreds and thousands of men and women before us nearly 250 years ago fighting for our great nation. Although the 4th of July is a time to see friends, family, and fireworks, it’s important to never forget the significance of our country’s emergence.. Starting[…..]

Memorial Day Military Appreciation – Global Heroes

Global Heroes Justice for All As we conclude Military Appreciation Month on Memorial Day, we recognize with gratitude and appreciation the service and sacrifice of every man and woman serving with the US military. The impact of their work is global. The United States Armed Forces not only keep our country safe in troubling times,[…..]

Sharing Ideas (MdE’s Users Group)

Soliciting Feedback  MdE was excited to host its Annual Users Group in person again.  Alongside Florida agency users and clients from outside the Sunshine state who were able to attend, the Marion County Emergency Operations Center was our host this May.  MdE was grateful to have an impressive venue to discuss training and the challenges[…..]

National EMS/Police Week – Duality in Duty

May 12, 2022 Duality in Duty Teamwork Conflicts all across the United States require certain skills to de-escalate and resolve. May 15th marks both EMS and Police week and MdE is proud to participate in honoring those who protect and serve our communities in these roles. Ultimately these heroes have the same goals: to keep[…..]

National Correctional Officers Week – Capacity for Compassion

May 1, 2022 National Correctional Officers Week – Capacity for Compassion In 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced the first week in May as National Correctional Officer and Employee Appreciation Week. The job duties of a correctional officer entail overseeing inmates to ensure they are safe, secure, and supervised. This can manifest in law enforcement, security, and[…..]