Streamline the way your department tracks assets & equipment and save valuable time and resources while greatly improving accuracy in record keeping. As equipment changes hands and becomes damaged or misplaced, liability becomes an issue. MdE’s solutions allow you to easily monitor all department equipment with an instant ‘snapshot’ of their status.

Asset/Equipment & Weapons Tracking –

  • Manage Loss prevention with Instant status reports (issued, destroyed, sold, inventory, etc.)
  • Document usage for qualification/officer involved shooting, etc.
  • Be advised of outstanding equipment assigned to employee upon separation
  • Track maintenance, repairs, warranty status and expiration

Track assets from purchase through end of use including repair & warranty status.

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Monitor Your Best Assets

Help detect theft and abuse by implementing our web-based, paperless solutions. Stay on top of warranty status and maintenance and utilize powerful reporting features to help reduce fraud and waste. Easy to run reports enable you to quickly find equipment assigned to any employee/division/vendor and ensure prompt return of equipment upon separation of employment.

Keep Your Equipment in Check From Anywhere

The problem with an in-house spreadsheet – or worse, a notebook full of paper documents – is accessibility. If you’re out in the field, then you may not have access to the information you need to do your job effectively. However, when you work with our software solutions for asset tracking, you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also ensure that your data is guaranteed to be backed up and stored securely so that you’ll always have it, even when a computer breaks down or someone spills coffee on an old notebook.

Solutions Designed for First Responders

For quartermasters and armorers, or anyone managing assets at a police department, PSAP, Jail, airport, etc. MdE, Inc. has the software solutions you need to reduce liability and hold your team accountable. We offer both single and bundled software solutions with industry leading customization options to meet the needs of any public service department from fire and rescue to dispatch, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help and to request a free demonstration.