Looking for an easier way to train employees? It’s time to invest in a high-quality, convenient learning management system (LMS). MdE’s LMS improves the employee learning experience, increases employee engagement, and reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.


Easily create class materials using the built-in Powerpoint plug-in to create online courses with audio, videos, quizzes, tests, and more. 


Manage your team with built-in email reminders, email notifications, and class rosters. 


Track employee training progress and completion of programs using printable training records and easy-to-create certificates. 

Unique Features of MdE’s LMS System 

Class Set-Up

Our LMS makes it easy to set up and schedule classes. Users can find classes with a quick view of the calendar or via an online catalog that can be filtered by subject and group assignment. Class data can include a course description, location, dates/times, instructor name, links to registration sites for outside training, assignments, and more. Lastly, each class can be set up to require an assignment, test, or instructor/class evaluations.

Role Distinction

MdE’s LMS software allows for various roles in the catalog system. That means that everyone on your team, from employees to supervisors and instructors, will benefit from MdE’s learning management system. Most importantly, the system will only display content and enable features that are relevant to the user’s role. 


Your department needs an LMS that can adapt to its unique needs. That’s why our customizable software allows existing AICC, SCORM, or Tin-Can compliant courses developed using third-party tools (i.e. Articulate, Articulate Storyline, Quizmaker, and Adobe Captivate) to be imported into the software. Additionally, your department’s lesson plans and PowerPoints can be directly uploaded to each specific class. 

User Friendliness

The key to successful online training software is a user-friendly interface. MdE’s learning management system has a user-friendly dashboard for each user based on their role. Users can easily access courses, resources, and records. 

Simplify eLearning 

Now is the perfect time to invest in a high-quality learning management system. When you are ready to simplify and strengthen learning for your entire team, contact MdE for more information and to schedule a free demonstration.