Maintaining accurate employee records is a vital aspect of any well run agency. Tracking ongoing training and keeping certifications up to date will ensure a team is in compliance with all mandated requirements. When there is a need for employee records management software for an organization, MdE’s ERM module provides a customizable software solution.

Effortlessly Manage Employee Records

  • Maintain employee records from date of hire through separation
  • Manage job compliance for each position within your department/agency
  • ‘Flag’ employees before job requirements expire
  • Use the optional email system to send an alert a prior to training/certification deadlines
  • Track training done internally as well as outside of the department
  • Attach certificates, lesson plans, outside training brochures

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Quickly Ensure Job Compliance

Be prepared to defend legal action secure in the knowledge that your employees are trained. Maintaining ongoing training materials, disciplinary actions, and other essential employee records is a serious task. Protect your team and those your department serves by keeping accurate employee records. Help avoid potential lawsuits by ensuring all training and certifications are kept up to date.

ERM tracks job requirements including qualifications, certifications, prerequisites, POST and CALEA requirements and overall training to ensure employees meet and conform to their job’s standards.

Throw Out the Filing Cabinet and Protect Training Data

Filing cabinets may have once ruled the office, but their reign is long over. With paper files, records can easily be lost, slip through the cracks, or be completely destroyed with no back up. Digital records management and offsite backups provide easy access to your training files and help ensure that they are safe from disaster.

Simplify Employee Records Management

ERM provides an electronic employee records management system. With a few keystrokes, seamless and simple access to records for current and previous employees can be achieved. With ERM, documenting first responder training is now readily available.

When it’s time to improve the way employee records are managed, MdE, Inc. has the solutions needed. When you are ready to explore what the future holds for your department, call or email MdE for a free demonstration of our software.