From documenting employee performance and mandated training, to following the equipment history being used on the job, MdE’s Suite of software Solutions is an easy-to-use modular system that can help ensure your department can successfully manage employee performance, job compliance and equipment.

Effective Solutions for Fire and Rescue with MdE, Inc.

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Extend Your Resources

Every time you hire (or fire) an employee, you’ll need to access their performance and training records to ensure that all of the information is documented and correct. You may need to access this record in the field. With our web-based Performance Evaluation and employee records management modules customizable for fire/rescue departments, you can stay up to date on your employees’ records from any location with an internet connection.

Train for the Future

Training future fire fighters and other emergency responders will make the difference between saving a life and losing one. MdE’s ADORETM Field Training module is customized to match your field training/preceptor program. As training methods change, forms can be modified in-house to meet those needs. As new medicine or life-saving procedures are developed, these can be added to the Task List and Daily Observation Report (DOR) to ensure new employees receive the proper training.

Manage Equipment

Responding to an emergency requires both speed and accuracy to ensure that the most lives are saved and protected. When an emergency call comes in, there is no time to look for equipment needed. Be confident that the gear being used is maintained and accounted for with MdE’s Equipment/Asset Tracker.

Fire and Rescue Software

Having a customizable software program that eases the burden of managing training records and employee performance allows first responders to spend more time in the field, responding to emergencies and servicing their communities. MdE’s web-based modular software allows departments to maintain/update training needs, track employee performance, be notified when personnel need more training and ensure ample equipment is available to respond to emergencies. Contact MdE for a free demonstration of our customizable software solutions.