MdE, Inc. provides software for police departments and law enforcement agencies of all types and sizes. Our web-based modular software is used for tracking training, managing job compliance, automating field training evaluations, customizing performance appraisals, and tracking equipment, a one-stop shop for employee records management for police and law enforcement.

MdE’s software is designed to ensure standardization, timely record keeping and accountability to manage records more efficiently and effectively without spending unnecessary time looking for files or trying to track down equipment. 

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Training and Evaluation for Police Departments

Employee training and evaluation is essential to the operation of any police department. MdE’s ADORETMdigital field training software has set the industry standard since 1999 and can be customized to fit any model – FTO, PTO, Custom models.

The CLASS module allows data to be quickly input for large groups enabling training records for numerous employees to be updated with a few simple “clicks.” This module allows for easy monitoring of the status of students attending In-Service training or those whom are enrolled in Basic and Advanced Academies. Class averages and standings are quickly generated and sorted by score or employee.

Expand management capabilities by using MdE’s Employee Records Management (ERM) module. Job requirements can be identified for each job or group of jobs. Inputting employee certifications and qualifications allows ERM to monitor deadlines and email notifications to ensure that your team is compliant and ready to successfully perform law enforcement duties.

Equipment Tracking for Law Enforcement

Lost equipment is no joke for law enforcement individuals and agencies. MdE, Inc. has developed equipment tracking software for law enforcement utilized for managing equipment from purchase through end-of-use. When using the Equipment module to document where equipment is issued, when and what type of maintenance is performed along with the disposal method, the status of any piece of equipment can be quickly determined. The Equipment module allows quartermasters and armorers to easily fulfill the primary mission of managing law enforcement equipment while not losing sleep over the potential mishandling or loss of equipment.

Records and Requirements Made Simple

Looking to run a more efficient and time-sensitive department? Keeping track of employees when so many job requirements, certifications, and qualifications are part of the picture can eat up a lot of time, especially without the proper system. MdE, Inc.’s employee records management software allows you to store all employee records and documents in one place and set up notifications for deadlines and other actionable items. Plan and schedule mandated (State, CALEA, etc.) training in advance by notifying employees before training is due.

MdE, Inc.’s training and evaluation programs, equipment tracking software, and employee records management software can help you spend more time as police and law enforcement individuals and less time reviewing paperwork. Contact MdE today for a free demonstration and begin building a more productive workplace.