Equipment Tracking

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If your field uses specialized equipment, it can be frustrating and concerning when items go missing. If you work in a public safety field it can be especially concerning when police equipment is missing or improperly cared for. Tracking things like cameras, weapons and protective equipment is essential and a matter of safety. Equipment tracking services can help you in keeping an accurate account of all of your equipment, its whereabouts, its age, its warranty information, and its history. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using an equipment tracking software.

Know where your Equipment Is, and Who is Using It

The primary function of equipment tracking is knowing where your equipment is at all times. Tracking items can prevent loss, theft and misuse. This tracking system can be as simple or complex as your company needs. Equipment can be tracked by checking it in and out, or by a physical GPS system (depending on the items being tracked). Tracking can also let you know who is responsible for items should something occur.

Know what Repairs and Maintenance has been Done

If you want to know more than just where your assets are and who is utilizing them, you can also use tracking solutions for keeping an eye on repairs and maintenance. Tracking an item’s history of repairs and maintenance can also help should you need to utilize the item’s warranty. By tracking your equipment’s history you are able to see if an item has been over or under used, or if it has been compromised in any way.

Know when Items Expire or Need Service

Tracking solutions also have the ability to keep track of your equipments expiration dates and/or regular maintenance. If you are tracking police vehicles, for example, tracking software can alert you when a car is in need of regular, preventative maintenance. Tracking can also let you know when certain items are soon to expire, allowing you to replace them in a timely manner and keeping everyone safe and able to do their job effectively. Tracking software also allows you to see what items have been damaged or have expired and need to be replaced quickly and easily. Instead of sorting through equipment, you can quickly see what items need to be inspected, and, in turn, replaced. Tracking also allows you to see where you may need to order more equipment, if your business expands or grows.
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