For over 20 years, MdE, Inc. has been helping public safety agencies improve their operations and ease the paperwork burden for employees. Our Performance Evaluation software can be customized to fit your department and modernize the employee appraisal process.

Review journal entries (feedback from current and previous supervisors) to justify ratings given on the performance evaluation. MdE’s journal entry system allows for storing notes regarding performance throughout the year; these notes can be made by any supervisor, even from another area of the department.

Using category-specific documentation of employee performance, defending remediation/termination decisions and rewarding team members who have displayed exceptional performance is quick and easy.

Performance Evaluation – Streamlined Digital Appraisals

  • Promote career development – chart employee progress
  • Have instant access to Reports critical for remediation & termination
  • Use feedback from prior supervisors to create more accurate evaluations
  • Attach photos, video or documents to a specific evaluation category to improve accuracy

Improve communication and collaboration with journal entries.

Appraisal forms are customizable to every position in your organization.

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How Effective are Your Performance Evaluations?

Do your current performance evaluations promote career development or address morale issues? Do they allow you to record awards and citations? Do you want custom evaluation templates based on job descriptions, or simply a more comprehensive performance appraisal software? These are all questions to ask when looking for a better way to track employee reviews.

Performance evaluations allow you to provide positive feedback as well as identify areas for growth. Improved documentation can help management create a development plan which leads to a better motivated employee and a stronger team. When combined with a merit-based compensation system, a well-run assessment plan will lead to better morale and job performance.

Make Performance Evaluations Simple

MdE, Inc. provides software that allows for custom forms, attachment of different file types, and the tracking of awards and citations. This easy-to-use web-based software allows you to automate your existing Performance Evaluation templates and access them anywhere at any time. Our performance evaluation software allows for open communication between employees and supervisors. It provides upper management with a look at critical reporting for remediation and possible termination. Productivity can greatly improve with instant notification of employee or departmental concerns resulting in a greater return on investment of your most important asset – the employee.