Keeping track of employee training by inputting data one person at a time can be a grueling process. Thankfully MdE, Inc. has software that simplifies the process and captures information for a group of employees with just a few clicks of a button. The CLASS module is designed to help public safety departments record employee training provided to multiple persons at one time such as in a classroom setting or briefing.

Efficiently Track In-Service Training and Academy Training Records

  • Input attendance and performance data for groups of people
  • Attach lesson plans, training documents or certificates
  • Monitor status of students in basic, advanced academies or In-Service Sessions
  • Save time inputting data

Plan and schedule training in advance, e.g. CALEA, POST, or mandated State or Department Training.

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Software for Airports, Ports and Private Security

Quickly Input and Review Classroom Training

CLASS allows instructors to quickly input data for groups of people. Attendance and performance data for all attendees can be entered from a single screen, for a CPR training class, as an example. A quick review of that Class session report identifies those who are CPR-certified and those who did not successfully complete the certification process.

CLASS automatically calculates pass/fail status, class average and class standing. CLASS instantly shows the status of students in In-service training sessions, basic/advanced academies and stand-alone classes.

Easily Attach lesson Plans and Certificates

Lesson plans, training documents and certificates can be attached at the Class and Session level. Lesson plans and handouts change as the needs of your department change. By attaching these in the CLASS module, they can be easily downloaded when training documentation is requested.

Certificates created in-house and certificates issued from outside training can be attached to any employees training record to allow for complete and easy access to all training certificates.

Review how CLASS Can Streamline your Training Documentation

CLASS is a software module that keeps track of training provided without cumbersome paperwork. Overall efficiency in your training division can be improved through documentation in the CLASS module. Call MdE today for more information and request a free demonstration to explore the benefits of using MdE’s CLASS software module.