Are weaknesses in your field training documentation creating issues for your department? If so, ADORE is software that your department needs. ADORE stands for AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations and is designed to ease the headache of paperwork created by the reports that training officers are required to do. MdE has 19 years of experience providing training software for EMS and other public safety officials. ADORE is the industry leader in automating evaluations and observation reports nationwide.

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Easily Access Digitized Field Training Documentation

When you need training software for EMS personnel or public safety crews, we offer several options that provide quality results. Start with one model and transition to another, and coordinate with our team when you require support.

San Jose, PTO or Custom model; start with one model, convert to another – all in one easy-to-use program. Use different models within the same department/division.

Powerful Reporting provides an instant “snapshot” of your Field Training Program.

Defend Decisions by quickly and easily generating performance reports.

Make smarter, data-driven decisions with this central location for Trainee Performance. Standardize Training for each area/division where field training occurs.

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Maximize Productivity by Using FTO and PTO Software, and Training Software for EMS

ADORE is customized to your FTO and PTO program so that it maximizes your department’s productivity. With field training software, it will be easier to find and access training records, evaluate new recruits, maintain accurate and legible documents, reduce paperwork and time spent on reporting and substantiate termination and promotion decisions.

Our field training software for EMS and other public safety officials provides the ability to identify trends such as the types of training that produce the best results, allowing you to assess training program strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.

Industry Leaders in Automating Daily Observation Reports, Journals, and CTRs

Our training software for EMS and public safety officers at MdE, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1999 and we are constantly innovating and improving to better meet your needs. ADORE is convenient and easy to use; time saved by using ADORE is now time available for saving lives. Current users enjoy the web access of the software with features like: the ability to attach pertinent reports and videos to a specific category/core competency; color coded performance charts, trending analyses used for justification of remediation and termination; and user’s ability to customize/add reports like Problem Based Learning Exercises (PBLE), Coaching and Training Report (CTR), End of Phase, etc.

ADORE is customizable for every department. ADORE provides the ability to digitally archive reports for paperless storage so trainers eliminate time spent retrieving records from filing cabinets.

Reducing Time Spent on Paperwork So You Can Save Lives

The MdE software suite is easy to use and time-saving. MdE’s suite of solutions was designed to save time creating paperwork and make public safety the main focus. Contact MdE today and request information and a free demonstration to learn more about how our services and software can help your department become more efficient.

Reasons to Use Training Software for EMS and Public Safety Officers

At MdE, Inc., we recommend using training software for EMS and other public safety personnel when:

  • You want instant access to your entire training program
  • You feel you are overspending on training
  • Your training program is lagging behind industry standards
  • You cannot find the paperwork you need
  • Your training officers and trainees are unclear on procedures and tasks
  • You need a clear record of all training procedures

At MdE, Inc., we also offer a range of products, including:

For assistance with field training nationwide, call 877-500-5396 or contact us online.


While investing in training software for EMS personnel and other public safety officers is a wise decision, you may have questions about the realities of using these programs. These frequently asked questions should help you understand the ins and outs of using MdE, Inc. software.

What are the 4 levels of EMS training?

When you use training software for EMS personnel, the four levels include: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced EMT (AEMT), and Paramedic. MdE, Inc. accommodates all levels of training in any department.

Can you transfer your data to our MdE platforms?

Yes! We ensure that all your data is transferred and parsed correctly. Speak with one of our technicians about the transfer process.