MdE, Inc. has training and evaluation software for juvenile detention centers that records how an employee is doing on the job, ensuring your team performance is accurately documented. Our Performance Evaluation software can automate existing performance reviews and defend your decisions by allowing for documents, pictures, videos and various other files to be attached to the evaluation. Our training software is used for different departments like communications and dispatch, law enforcement, police, and more. Different public safety departments use our software to keep employees on track with their progress as a public servant because it’s easily accessible and easy to use. Our software saves you time so you can focus on your job keeping the detention center safe.

Create Efficiency in Your Detention Center

Using MdE, Inc.’s software in your detention center will help make paperwork easier and less of a headache. Get access to employee records and evaluation forms anywhere, anytime with our web-based Suite of Solutions software. Call us today or request a free demonstration to see how our software works and how it will create more efficiency within your detention center.

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Thorough Employee Management

With our Employee Records Management (ERM) software for juvenile detention centers, you can easily keep track of an employee’s progress in the department. Our software helps you keep record of employee qualifications and flag them before a job requirement reaches expiration. With ERM, you can receive notifications that reduce the amount of time you spend researching employee records. You can also restrict access to records by subject matter or status, in case you need to keep confidential information private. ERM can help you identify areas of issues between employees and/or supervisors and address them quickly so that your employees still feel satisfied at work and the detention center is running efficiently.