The Importance of Continued Education and Your Job

By the time most of us reach our early twenties and finish college, it seems like we have done nothing but go to school. We’ve spent our entire lives, since childhood, dedicated to education.
Then you’re done – or so you thought!
Industries are constantly changing, and continued education is required for workers to stay up to date with the latest technologies, skills and software for their fields. There are many professions that also require continuing education to meet industry standards and laws, like nurses, teachers, and many science-related fields. The world is ever changing and we need continued education to grow and change with it.
Imagine for a moment that your lawyer wasn’t continuously educating himself on criminal justice and laws. Then he must represent you in a case where a law has recently changed in your favor. That lawyers’ lack of knowledge could potentially lose you the case. This idea is applicable across every field and profession.
Continued education allows employees to brush up on skills, and keep themselves up to date on software upgrades. No matter the field, there are many programs that, with a working knowledge, could help you in your role. Providing a training course, refresher, or tutorial could help your employees become more proficient at their job and may make them more valuable for better internal positions in the future.
Better educated employees are also better at communicating and leading, stay employees at their companies longer, are happier and more productive, and produce higher level work. This rings true especially for law enforcement, communications and dispatch, emergency medical, fire and rescue, security and corrections employees. Continued education for your employees at every level is a key part of business success. Don’t miss out on great opportunities to develop and improve their skills. MdE, Inc. works with our law enforcement, communications and dispatch, emergency medical, fire and rescue, security and corrections clients to provide a fully comprehensive development workshop in the following areas:

  • Successful Communication
  • Situational Leadership
  • Supervising Others
  • Improving Employee Retention
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • FTO Refresher
  • Ethics Refresher
  • peACEqTM and ADORETM software

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