Security teams and operations extend far beyond the checkpoint at airports and ports of authority. The challenges that come with this task are something that MdE, Inc. understands and is here with software-based solutions available nationwide. 

Equipment Tracking Throughout Your Facility 

Running a large facility like an airport, port authority, or any other publicly accessed area that a private security firm might handle comes with great responsibility and great challenges. From the sheer number of employees to the equipment that has to be maintained and held accountable, it can be easy for protocol to relax, possibly resulting in the loss of expensive materials. MdE, Inc. has developed customizable solutions that can help manage this task.

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Equipment Tracking Throughout Your Facility

Our equipment tracking software gives you the tools to track equipment from purchase through end-of-use while documenting use and maintenance, repair, and warranty history.

Employee Records Management

MdE, Inc.’s employee records management software allows you to track the job requirements of each member of your team. Monitor the status of those in training so you know who’s eligible to take that special assignment when duty calls. You’ll be prepared to defend legal action if necessary and know that your employees are trained and qualified.

We Can Simplify Your Security

Managing all operations of an airport or other public port doesn’t come easy, but the software to help you manage them should. Our unique systems can be customized to fit your needs, optimize your operations and allow you to keep focus on securing your facilities. Contact MdE for a free demonstration!