Communications and dispatch centers provide the support that local law enforcement and other public safety agencies need to operate. MdE, Inc. has your solution in the form of customizable software to make your team more efficient with employee records management, equipment tracking, and fully customizable solutions to help your team serve the public.

We’ll Optimize the Way You Work

At MdE, Inc. we understand the pressure that your communications and dispatch team is under to provide relied-upon service for the safety and well-being of your community. That’s why our software is here to support your operations by optimizing the way that you already work. Don’t let employee management and report filing take up your time and energy—let MdE’s software give back that time to what matters most.

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Lifelines to Community

Communication centers are the vital lifelines between community and law enforcement. At MdE, Inc., we understand this important role that they play in their community. We also understand the need for back up. That’s why we developed performance evaluation, equipment tracking, training tracking, and employee records management software with communications and dispatch departments in mind. 

Focus on What Matters

The work performed by communications and dispatch professionals begins with training; without great training, an entire operation can lag behind. Great training is hard to manage without easy-to-use training evaluation software customized for communications and dispatch teams. MdE, Inc. has developed robust and reliable software that can be used to observe training sessions and document employee performance. Our CLASS module provides the ability to quickly track and input data for large groups and to monitor the status of those groups with ease.

Customized to Your Needs

No one communications or dispatch team operates the exact same way. That’s why our software can be customized to fit your needs. We understand that the way one communications team handles employee records management might be different from that of another. We are not here to hinder your style, we are here to make it easier. With MdE, Inc.’s software, you can track all employees’ job requirements, flag employees with upcoming/past-due training, and set your own benchmarks for employee development.