Though most jails and correctional facilities utilize an electronic system to manage information about inmates and booking, how are staff training, equipment and other associated records being managed? If paper files are still being utilized, save time and energy by using MdE’s web-based software.

MdE, Inc.’s software solutions for jails and correctional facilities can help maintain employee compliance and safety throughout the facility. We offer customizable performance evaluation software for jail and corrections, equipment tracking, and the industry leading ADORETM software to track field training. 

We Create Effective Solutions for Correctional Facilities

From employee training to managing staff performance, there is enough to think about without also spending time wondering how to best organize this data. That’s why MdE, Inc. developed easy-to-use software that can reduce time spent with data input and analysis and increase time spent on what matters most.

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Simplify Your Current Procedures

Keeping track of inmates with daily logs and release procedures is nothing new to jail and correctional facilities; this is just an essential part of operations. But so is monitoring the performance of staff and equipment. If spreadsheets and filing cabinets are being used to track and store data, you could be wasting valuable time by doing unnecessary work. MdE, Inc. understands this and has developed software that simplifies and improves these out-dated processes.

Manage Inmates and Staff

Correctional facility staff training is just as important as knowing where each inmate is throughout the day, and just like inmate monitoring, it can be a lot of work to keep track of every detail about every employee.

MdE, Inc.’s CLASS module for correctional facilities allows training data for large groups to be input quickly and with ease.

Take this a step further by utilizing MdE’s Employee Records Management (ERM) module to track all employee training and ensure job compliance with State/Facility mandated training. MdE’s customizable Performance Evaluation module sets performance standards based on the job description and offers tracking abilities to determine which employees need specific training and guidance and which employees are ready for the next promotion.

From Storage to Discovery

MdE’s software for jails and correctional facilities offers intuitive data entry and file upload capabilities to make the job of tracking employee job compliance a little easier. But we take it one step further and combine this excellent system with timely alerts and notifications and comprehensive analytics so that you can keep track of your data in one place, identify trends, and find new ways to streamline your internal operations. Contact MdE today for a free demonstration to see your next software system in action.