What Makes Great FTO/PTO Software?

If you’re managing training programs, then you are responsible for a variety of performance evaluations, records and other items associated with your program. Taking the time to put together reports is necessary, however, it may no longer need to be as much time as you’re used to giving up. With ADORE™, training officers can automate a large part of the process so you can focus on the information within the report. Below are a few things that make a great FTO/PTO software.

Great Software Saves You Time

Technology is a fantastic tool. It helps us keep track of our Compliance/Training information, allows us to communicate instantly with anyone in the world, and much, much more. However, the greatest gift technology gives us is TIME. ADORE™, MdE, Inc.’s performance evaluation software, will help you save time in a variety of ways. For example, using a paperless, web-based system means you can access the information you need from anywhere with an internet connection. Reports and summaries are simple and easy to generate, substantially decreasing the time spent painstakingly creating these by hand!

Great Software Protects Your Data

Gone are the days of storing documents in filing cabinets. They are not a safe place for sensitive items. In general, paper documents can be damaged, lost, or destroyed in the daily operations of your department. Something as simple as spilled coffee can spell the end for decades of data. It could mean losing track of disciplinary reports and essential training feedback for your future officers. Great FTO/PTO software works to eliminate these issues by storing your data securely in a cloud-based system.

Great Software Helps You Focus on the Important Things

Time spent in the office is not always a waste, however, your time may be better spent in the field. Great FTO/PTO software lets you do just that. If you can spend less time going in and out of your office or compiling information for critical evaluation reports, then you’re able to spend more time in the field with your trainees, giving them the support they need and shaping the department personnel of tomorrow.

MdE, Inc. Has Great FTO/PTO Software

Looking for ways to optimize your police, fire, emergency medical, security or dispatch center then contact MdE, Inc. today. MdE, Inc. has a full suite of customizable software solutions that will change the way you work as well as assist you and other training personnel to better serve the public.