Police Department Software

Technology is important for almost every kind of business, and the public safety sector is no exception. MdE has developed a variety of web-based software programs which enable police departments to run more smoothly and efficiently in all areas from employee management to equipment tracking and much more.
Police Department Software

Performance Evaluation Software

Being able to access performance evaluation entries when you’re on the job is increasingly important to those in law enforcement. The safety of the public relies heavily on the performance of these individuals, and even the slightest breach of conduct can put the public, as well as your police department at risk. Having performance evaluation software on-the-go is a new and helpful possibility thanks to our web-based software.

Observation Reports & Evaluations

Our web-based, paperless system for daily observation reports allows you to attach photos, videos, and other documents to use for future reference. Reports can be signed electronically and are customizable for your specific department.

Employee Records Management

Our ERM software is a great tool for tracking employee’s job requirements and notifying of employee deadlines. All employee records can be maintained in a digital format and accessed only by those who have authorization.

Equipment Tracking

Our equipment tracking software enables you to keep track of equipment and assets from the time of purchased until it is sold or destroyed. Those with authorized access can instantly check the status of any asset, including maintenance and repairs, as well as location and history.

KATS™ K9 Software

The Kats software allows for immediate and easy tracking of K9 training, incidents, medical records and more. Deployment logs and other reports can be quickly accessed and printed from almost anywhere. Our customers have even used this software for liability protection in court cases!
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