Use Software to Keep Track of EMS Equipment

As an EMS manager, you are in charge of many important things, including EMS equipment. In fact, keeping track of equipment is probably one of the most important things you do. While skills and training are crucial, without the right tools an emergency medical technician can’t do his or her job successfully. So how have you been tracking equipment so far? Do you use a bulky spreadsheet or still do everything on paper? Let us show you how you can make this task much simpler by tracking your EMS equipment with specialized software.

Prevent Items From Getting Lost or Stolen

Every replacement stretcher, walkie-talkie or oxygen regulator you have to buy comes out of a budget, which is not without limits. Meanwhile, when your team is working in an emergency situation, they may forget or simply don’t have time to make sure they pick up all of their tools and equipment. Even if it’s just sheers or a stethoscope, the costs eventually add up. However, when everyone knows that the equipment is being tracked and they are responsible for taking care of it, there is an added layer of accountability that may encourage your staff to be more vigilant.

Keep Maintenance and Repair History

Some smaller tools you and your team use are made to be frequently replaced. Things like broken sheers, for example, are rarely subject to repair. However, larger equipment like the emergency vehicles, heart-shock machines or portable x-rays will likely get repaired when they break. It’s nice to have a record of every time a particular piece of equipment broke down, how much it cost to repair and how long it took. Over time, you may notice that the price of repairs for certain items comes close to the price of a new item. In the long run, keeping these accurate records can save you money. And doing this with specialized software makes it easy.

Check Warranty Claims

If your equipment is under warranty, you probably want to file a claim and have the repairs paid for by the manufacturer. To do this, you would need to check the warranty terms and expiration date for each item you are sending for repairs. This can be one daunting task! Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have warranty information on your computer along with other relevant facts about the item? Well, that’s definitely possible!

Produce Instant Reports

Do you need to report on the use of budget funds for a new equipment purchase? Is someone inquiring about a specific piece of equipment and its maintenance history or current status? No problem! With equipment tracking software, you can simply select the equipment, choose your parameters and run a report in an instant!

Reorder Supplies as Needed

Some types of equipment tracking software even allow you to keep track of replaceable supplies, such as first aid kits or personal protective equipment. These items get used up and you may eventually run out if a new shipment isn’t ordered in time. However, if anyone who checks out a specific item from the storage leaves a digital record, this makes tracking the number of remaining supplies a breeze.
Our equipment tracking software at MdE, Inc. has many of the features we’ve listed above. And we already have partnered with many emergency service departments to help them save time and money. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to request a free demo!