Field Training Software for EMS

The training and evaluation of new hires in the Emergency Medical Services field is especially important. After all, their primary job is to provide emergency medical care. To ensure your employees are properly educated and trained to do the job, you need a strong and efficient system in place for your trainers and evaluators to document training […]

What to Look for When Evaluating New Recruits

When hiring new recruits to work in the public safety sector, individual evaluation is essential. Effective evaluation allows you to form a professional team operating at peak efficiencies. Most all new recruits go through intense training in their first couple weeks (or months). During this time their performance is evaluated regularly (if not daily) to[…..]

Public Safety Organizational Tips for 2017

The Public Safety industry is comprised of the Police Department, Communications and Dispatch, Jail and Correctional facilities, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, Airport Security and more. In these fields, it is of utmost importance that employees do their job, and do it well. When employee performance can literally be a matter of life and[…..]

Best Practices for Writing Police Employee Evaluations

As a law enforcement officer, you know that while the main focus of your job has to do with public safety, you can’t completely avoid the paperwork. It’s dull and routine, but as someone’s supervisor, you are expected to provide timely performance evaluations and other related reports. Do you often find yourself staring at a[…..]