Field Training Software for EMS

The training and evaluation of new hires in the Emergency Medical Services field is especially important. After all, their primary job is to provide emergency medical care. To ensure your employees are properly educated and trained to do the job, you need a strong and efficient system in place for your trainers and evaluators to document training and performance.
MdE Inc. has provided field training software for EMS to hundreds of departments across the United States since 1999. We offer state-of-the-art field training software for EMS professionals, as well as for others in the public safety sector. You understand the importance of training—we are dedicated to making your job of tracking that training easier so you can get your new hires better educated without compromising thoroughness.
Let’s take a look at the primary functions of our EMS training software:
Field Training Software for EMS

Simplifies the Evaluation process

Our user interface and software navigation make it easier for managers to automate their existing performance evaluations. These evaluations can be created, edited, and completed at any location, whether in the office or in the field.
Our web-based application offers a paperless system for observation reports and performance evaluations, saving you both time and money. It also provides critical reporting that is helpful and necessary for termination and remediation processes.

Added Features Improve Evaluation Content

Our software is equipped with plenty of features which help you improve the content and structure of your evaluations. In short, our EMS field training software will give you the ability to:

  • Attach documents, files, photos, and videos to any employee evaluation
  • Color code performance data and charts
  • Recognize and analyze trends more efficiently
  • Customize evaluations for your department-specific needs
  • Easily create summaries of termination and remediation reports

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Evaluations to Capture and Eliminate Bias

Are your recruits being evaluated on a level playing field? are you sure that the evaluations are free from evaluator bias? In order to ensure your new hires are being evaluated ethically and appropriately, you must find a way to enforce rules against evaluator bias. The employee evaluation and training software that MdE, Inc. provides helps you do just that.
MdE, Inc.’s leading EMS field training software allows you to analyze your field training officers, your evaluators. This enables you to compare all employee evaluations in order to recognize and eliminate bias. Utilize data collected to spot suspicious trends in certain evaluations and training practices to make sure all of your employees and new hires are given fair and equal opportunities to thrive.
No business can be successful without proper employee training and evaluation . For more information on how MdE, Inc.’s EMS training software can help you improve your workplace and bolster your job’s efficiency, contact us today.