Public Safety Organizational Tips for 2017

The Public Safety industry is comprised of the Police Department, Communications and Dispatch, Jail and Correctional facilities, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, Airport Security and more. In these fields, it is of utmost importance that employees do their job, and do it well. When employee performance can literally be a matter of life and death for someone in need, accurate, detailed records of employee training and performance is essential if not critical. If you work in one of these fields, here are some organizational tips to apply in 2017.
Public Safety Organizational Tips for 2017

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are an essential part of any business, but especially in the public safety industry. Performance evaluations help track the progress of recruits in training, follow performance of all employees, and allow employers to see trends that should cause alarm, as well as trends in performance that deserve reward.

Performance appraisals should occur regularly and include:

  • Careful documentation of recruit/ employee training and progress,
  • Details specific to the behavior,
  • Action plans for under-performing employees,
  • Performance anchor points or standard evaluation guidelines.

Records Management

Thorough records management is another essential part of the public safety industry. Like capturing criminal and inmate records to the reporting of emergencies or events, creating and maintaining accurate employee records is a must, and could be needed to defend action.

A top quality records management system should include:

  • Standard operating procedures for each sector of the public safety agency for which it was purchased,
  • The status of required certifications and licenses of its employees,
  • A means to electronically back-up its data,
  • Confidentiality capability and user-friendly interface,
  • Accessibility by the end-user to easily customize data fields to meet the needs of the specific organization or industry.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking is also an important piece of a functional business. When employees use company owned vehicles, weapons, computers, and other technologies, it is essential to have a reliable equipment tracking system for staying on top of items. It’s imperative to know the whereabouts of any piece of equipment at any given time, and you also need access to its service records, maintenance needs, and warranty information.

Equipment tracking software should include:

  • The instant ability to locate any piece of equipment
  • A centralized records database for all types of equipment
  • Easily accessible warranty, maintenance, and expiration information.

At MdE Inc, we specialize in software for the public safety industry. Our software solutions allow management to track employee records, training and equipment easily and efficiently, so they can focus on what matters most: achieving their mission to meet the demands of their public’s safety. If your business is in need of new management software, give us a call today to discuss what our software solutions can do for you!