How Equipment Tracking Improves Officer Safety

Public safety officers use a wide variety of gear in order to do their job in keeping the public safe. Some of this equipment is used specifically to keep the officers themselves safe and unharmed so that they may carry out their duties successfully. MdE, Inc. is happy to offer asset tracking software to assist with the managing of officer equipment on the job.
How Equipment Tracking Improves Officer Safety

What Our Tracking Software Does

MdE’s user-friendly equipment tracking software has many functions and capabilities:

  1. It tracks all equipment from date of purchase to end-of-use.
  2. It allows for documentation of weapons involved in qualifications and officer-involved shootings.
  3. It catalogues cost, maintenance and repair history.
  4. It tracks and can notify your department of warranty status and expiration dates.
  5. It offers up-to-the-minute status reports (active, inactive, destroyed, sold, etc.).
  6. It allows for the administration of weapons independent of other types of equipment.
  7. It includes a Firearms Qualification feature which specifies requirements based on firearm type utilized to qualify. Data can be input and e-mailed directly from the range.

How Our Software Benefits Officers and Improves their Safety

It Saves Time

Storing all data in one centralized place that can be accessed by administrators, management and officers in the field saves a lot of valuable time. The time spent manually retrieving accurate and up-to-date information on a firearm, laptop, or vehicle is drastically decreased with our all-in-one software.

It Improves Accuracy

Knowing which pieces of equipment are active and to whom they are assigned allows for improved accuracy in incident reporting. Issues of liability are drastically reduced as weapons and firearms assignments are instantly attainable.

It Improves Safety

Tracking equipment that is vital to law enforcement helps ensure that officers have exactly what they need to protect themselves at all times. And keeping your officers safe enables them to be as thorough as possible in their daily duties in serving and protecting the community.
MdE, Inc. is a leader in the performance evaluation and equipment tracking software industry for professionals working in the public safety sector. Contact us today to learn more about the products that we offer!