Is Performance Evaluation Bias Affecting your Department?

Many branches of the public safety sector employ professionals whose primary job is to ensure the safety of the public. Because of this, it is incredibly important that they perform their duties efficiently, carefully, responsibly, and without error. In order to be ensure that your employees are fit to take on the important roles they[…..]

Software is Crucial for Efficiency in Public Safety

In the public safety industry, efficiency is vital. Your department can easily help employees improve efficiency by providing the most up-to-date public safety software solutions. Just as efficient employees are critical in effectively serving the public, a user-friendly, customizable software system is essential in improving effectiveness for any public-safety agency. Accurate Reporting What’s the point[…..]

How Software can Help your K9 Program

Dedicated Software Helps Your K9 Program Run More Efficiently Implement dedicated K9 software to help manage the unexpected issues that arise in managing and running your K9 program. As an employee records management software program can help your department run more efficiently, a K9 software, such as KATS, does the same for a K9 program.[…..]

Maintaining an Effective Training Program

An effective training program is essential for keeping staff at the top of their game. If the training program is not constantly evolving, how can your department remain at the forefront of the industry? Why Training is so Important Proper training is paramount to the success of any organization or department. Whether someone has over[…..]

Public Safety Organizational Tips for 2017

The Public Safety industry is comprised of the Police Department, Communications and Dispatch, Jail and Correctional facilities, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue, Airport Security and more. In these fields, it is of utmost importance that employees do their job, and do it well. When employee performance can literally be a matter of life and[…..]

Challenges in Managing a Large Staff

Managing people in a business setting is always a challenge, and that challenge is magnified when you begin supervising a large staff of diverse people from many different backgrounds and experience levels. The mark of a good leader is their ability to oversee people as if it were easy; ;, but when you’ve got large[…..]

Why Regular Performance Evaluations are Important

Every business that has employees must track their employee’s performance over time to determine if they are or aren’t an asset to the company. Proper performance evaluations are essential to the functionality of the company, and are also an essential piece in the areas of hiring/terminating employees. Performance evaluations also allow employers to see progress[…..]

Equipment Tracking

If your field uses specialized equipment, it can be frustrating and concerning when items go missing. If you work in a public safety field it can be especially concerning when police equipment is missing or improperly cared for. Tracking things like cameras, weapons and protective equipment is essential and a matter of safety. Equipment tracking[…..]

Software to Streamline Dispatch Employee Training

April is 9-1-1 education month, and the second week of April is celebrated nationwide as the Public Safety Communicators Week. As you may have guessed by now, today we’ll be talking about 9-1-1 dispatchers and other public safety communication staff. Like all other departments in the public safety and law enforcement fields, dispatchers could use[…..]