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Does Your Department Have a Strategy for Investing in Technology?

Technology is constantly evolving, and that means what worked a few years ago may not be the best option now. How is your department handling technology advancements? Is the department still relying on old technology without a solid plan for upgrading? Take a look at these five steps to technology planning.

Step 1: Assess Your Resources 

Before you can go forward, you need to evaluate where you are now. What resources do you currently have in place? How well is it working? How do your current resources fall short? Who does your department rely on for technology? Evaluate every aspect of your department’s technology. In doing so, you can avoid buying redundant or incompatible technologies. It also helps you determine if the technology you currently use is obsolete. 

Step 2: Define Department’s Needs 

Why does your department need technology? What will technology help you accomplish that you can’t do right now? What could your department accomplish more efficiently with more appropriate technology? Before upgrading technology, make sure to define the needs of your department. Always remember to describe what you want to do with your technology, not what you think you need to buy. The more you connect your department’s technology needs to its larger mission, the better the planning will be. 

Step 3: Explore Solutions

There is an array of technologies that your department can choose from. That’s why it’s important to do your research. After assessing your department’s needs, the next step is to explore solutions that are compatible and within your department’s budget. Consider the price and the technology’s ability to grow with your department. Document prospective solutions and ensure that you have a solid understanding of all your possible options. 

Step 4: Write a Plan

Write a plan that documents your department’s resources, needs, possible solutions, and budget. Your plan should also include these key components: 

  • Organizational profile – Who you are as a department
  • Technology vision – How technology will further your department’s vision and mission
  • Projects – The types of technology projects your department will undertake
  • Budget – How much your department can spend on technology
  • Timeline – Deadlines for implementation of your plan

Step 5: Implement the Plan

After creating a plan, implement it. Set a timeline, assign responsibilities, and evaluate your department’s progress. Once you’ve implemented a plan, make sure to update it regularly. Just like technology is constantly changing, so should your technology plan. Do not be afraid to go back and revise parts of your plan if something doesn’t help the department as you hoped it would. 

Technology Solutions for Your Department

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