Why Update Your ERM Software in 2019?

Employee Records Management (ERM) software​ is meant to replace your traditional filing cabinet where records and other important employee documents are often stored. The software streamlines the records management process and allows for easy entering of employee information, and quick retrieval of information recorded.

ERM software advances with technology and newer, more efficient models become available in order to keep up with the growing needs of businesses in the law enforcement and public safety industries. What can updating your records management software do for your business in 2019?

All-Inclusive Files

Manually entering employee information, training records, and certifications into your ERM software can be tedious and take up valuable time that could be spent performing critical duties and field training exercises. More advanced software allows for the upload of images, documents, and other media that can quicken your records processes and provide proof of employee activities and certifications.

Remote Accessibility

Tired of having to make calls to your HR department whenever you’re in the field and need important employee information? New ERM software gives you the benefit of being able to access the records while out of the office, meaning you’ll be more efficient and save a great deal of time in both field and Human Resource operations.

Permission Designations

If you like the idea of your staff being able to access employee records while on the job but are wary of enabling full access to private data that is housed within your software, there’s a solution for that. Updated ERM software contains a feature that allows you to set permissions so that you may enable or restrict access to certain information for members of different staff levels or departments.

Superior ERM Software for Public Safety

MdE, Inc. has been providing software that plays a role in business management for public safety since 1999. Our ERM software that was designed with these sectors in mind allows you to digitally store and track a vast amount of employee information and records and includes features like:

  • E-mail alerts for upcoming and missed employee deadlines.
  • Accessibility permissions and restrictions by status or subject matter.
  • Tracking of employee job requirements, training activities, certifications, and qualifications.
  • Document uploads and attachments.
  • Flagging of employees before requirements expire.

…and more!

Contact us to learn more and update your ERM software for your public safety department today!