How Software can Help your K9 Program

Dedicated Software Helps Your K9 Program Run More Efficiently Implement dedicated K9 software to help manage the unexpected issues that arise in managing and running your K9 program. As an employee records management software program can help your department run more efficiently, a K9 software, such as KATS, does the same for a K9 program. […]

Using Software to Streamline Correctional Officer Training

A correctional officer, whether or not he or she has direct contact with inmates, does a very important and stressful job. Sometimes it involves identifying a concealed weapon and disarming a person. Other times it’s about choosing the right inmate for a rehabilitation program to help them get a second chance in life. Either way,[…..]

3 Must-Have Types of Software for Fire Departments

Just like any other public safety agency, your fire department could probably benefit from upgrading to some specialized software to help manage things better. Some of your members may be resistant to change and may suffer from “computer phobia,” but even they will soon embrace technology after seeing how it can free up their time—trust[…..]