3 Must-Have Types of Software for Fire Departments

fire truck
Just like any other public safety agency, your fire department could probably benefit from upgrading to some specialized software to help manage things better. Some of your members may be resistant to change and may suffer from “computer phobia,” but even they will soon embrace technology after seeing how it can free up their time—trust us, we’ve seen that happen. If you are not sure where to start improving your internal processes, consider these 3 software solutions for firefighters that our public safety software experts at MdE selected for you.

1. Equipment Tracking

Without their equipment and gear, firefighters won’t be of much help to the public. They need a fire engine in good repair and a full outfit in order to do their job and stay safe. Meanwhile, all this equipment is subject to extreme heat, wear and tear almost on a daily basis. Coat and pants get torn, gloves get lost and walkie-talkies break. New supplies have to be ordered quickly and arrive on time, whether it’s a replacement part for the fire engine or a new pair of NFPA-compliant boots. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could use your computer to track all this equipment and supplies from purchase to the end of use? This way you can document all maintenance and repairs, check the warranty status and generate reports to show your donors how their funds were spent. Well, such software exists and we’ll be happy to show you how it works.

2. Personnel Management

Being a firefighter is a strenuous job that is not for everyone. Both active firefighters and managing staff in your fire department have to meet certain standards before and during their employment. These standards and requirements may include things like:

  • Health checkups
  • Physical training
  • Driver’s license renewal
  • CPR and EMT certifications
  • Paramedical training
  • NFPA codes and standards training

These are just some of the requirements your fire department’s HR staff has to track. Thankfully, software such as MdE’s Employee Records Management (ERM) suite, can make this much easier. The system can automatically flag employees before their job requirements expire and instantly notify appropriate staff. Imagine all the time saved manually researching records and updating spreadsheets! Besides, with our ERM suite you won’t have to worry about OSHA or NFPA record keeping requirements—we will assist in making sure you are compliant!

3. Performance Evaluation

Not everyone is fit to be a firefighter, that’s why there are rigorous tests for people who want to get into this field of work. But all the testing in the world can’t completely eliminate the wrong candidates who may be smart and physically fit, yet still lack certain qualities a firefighter needs to possess. If your department has a training program for new or current recruits, or if you hire volunteer firefighters who are looking to get a foot in the door, you will benefit from performance evaluation software. It can help you spot performance trends, and document all note-worthy behaviors, negative or positive, to help the department justify firing or promotion decisions.
Interested in implementing any of these solutions in your own fire department? Contact MdE today to request a free demo of our software products.