How Software can Help your K9 Program

Dedicated Software Helps Your K9 Program Run More Efficiently

Implement dedicated K9 software to help manage the unexpected issues that arise in managing and running your K9 program. As an employee records management software program can help your department run more efficiently, a K9 software, such as KATS, does the same for a K9 program. Outlined below are specific ways K9-dedicated software can help.
How Software can Help your K9 Program

Track Costs

KATS enables you to track your K9 program’s ongoing costs, such as training and medical expenses. At a glance, you’ll be able to see where inefficiencies may be improved. When budget time rolls around, a K9 system helps with allocating existing funds and seeking additional funds for your program.

Determine Training Focus

Well-documented training records help ensure a K9 team has met all required prerequisites for certification. This also helps focus a unit’s future training, as it demonstrates area of potential improvement for each K9 team.

Print Deployment Logs

A dedicated and reliable software for K9 unit management is also helpful when you need to print deployment logs. A piece of software like the KATS program allows for quick and efficient deployment log printing and distribution. This means less work trying to figure out what to print and how, and more time working on other important tasks.

Liability Protection

A dedicated K9 software system is a valuable tool in court if issues do arise. K9 software solutions track data, which helps to prove a canine’s professionalism and reliability. Without these records, proving canine reliability can become extremely time consuming, as records can be difficult to find or non-existent.

KATS K9 Software

The KATS K9 software offered by MdE, Inc. (and designed by Eden Consulting) is the industry’s leading K9-unit management and database software program for the public-safety sector. KATS was created in response to inquiries from officers looking for an efficient method of logging their training and deployment stats.
For more information on the KATS K9 software, or for a free demonstration of how it can help to improve your department’s efficiency, contact MdE, Inc. today. MdE is the public-safety sector’s industry-leading software and training solutions provider. For more information, give us a call at 1-877-500-5396 or fill out the form on our site today!