Training forensic Investigators

With Forensics at the Forefront of Law Enforcement, Should You Field Train Your Investigators?

Forensic evidence sits at the center of criminal investigations across America. However, training forensic investigators is not the same as training law enforcement officers, EMTs, or firefighters. With this in mind, consider the ins and outs of training forensic personnel, the ethical issues involved, and how MdE Inc. can help.

The Sensitivity of Forensic Evidence

Forensic evidence is especially delicate as it can change lives, send someone to prison, exonerate the accused, ensure justice is served, and answer pressing questions in any investigation. Because this information is so sensitive, it must be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. This begs the question: should you field train your investigators?

Without proper knowledge, a trainee could easily contaminate or compromise prospective evidence..  Providing the right training in the field is often the most effective way for someone to learn their job duties, and teach the manner in which a professional investigator should conduct business.

How to Field Train Forensic Investigators Effectively

As forensic trainees enter the field, their training and performance can be documented through use of field training software customized to your program. Field training is our specialty at MdE Inc. We’ve worked with hundreds of training coordinators throughout the years, and have a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of field training.

Our eLearning programs help your investigators learn the basics of the job position.  eLearning software should be able to coordinate with your existing training courses, as well as have the flexibility for you to craft a course on demand.

Create a training schedule that allows supervisors to watch their trainees handle evidence, record their progress, and ensure the proper protection of evidence. Combining both theoretical and practical experience ensures the sanctity of forensic evidence, allows investigations to proceed normally, and helps trainees learn in an ethical manner.

MdE Can Help You Create a Forensic Training Program

At MdE Inc., we are happy to work with you in building a training program for your department’s forensic investigators. Bringing these professionals into the field helps them learn the appropriate techniques to gather and protect physical evidence. Software programs allow supervisors to more easily oversee a training program that does not inhibit active investigations.

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