Saving Lives with Reliable Dispatch Software

The public safety sector includes emergency services like fire and rescue, emergency response teams, law enforcement, and detention centers. On any given day, many people’s lives are dependent upon these, so it’s pretty clear the software they use needs to be reliable and efficient.
The experts at MdE, Inc. have developed robust and dependable software for communications and dispatch professionals. In many ways, this software helps simplify some of the daily job functions of dispatchers and training professionals in the public safety sector.
reliable dispatch software saves lives

Why is Dispatch so Important?

Communication centers are at the heart of the dispatching process and their accuracy and efficiency must be their highest priority. Dispatchers help public safety professionals in the field get to emergency situations as soon as possible. Police officers and firefighters rely heavily on their dispatchers for accurate information, as the emergency dispatcher is their lifeline out in the field.

Seconds Really Count at a Communication Center

In today’s world, there is an increased demand for emergency service, and higher expectations for public safety professionals who have taken on the responsibility of dispatching ER services throughout the community. When a person’s life is at risk, dispatchers need to ensure they perform their job quickly and efficiently if there’s going to be a chance of saving that life.
Most newly hired communications officers go through an extensive training program – some in training for over a year, depending on the positions they were hired to perform. They are trained through a mentoring program (field training) and are guided by experienced communication specialists who then evaluate them daily during that probationary period. Many are cross-trained to be able to handle Police and Fire Dispatch, Teletype, Radio traffic, and more.
MdE, Inc. was created to provide only the highest levels of products and services to field training officers in the public safety sector. We have been developing and providing reliable and efficient police dispatch training software for over 18 years. It is our goal to provide our customers with software that is dependable in tracking the training of those whose job it is to help save lives on a regular basis. Contact us today to learn more about our dispatching software, or to inquire about the other products we have to offer.