The Importance of FTO Refreshers

MdE - Police Directing Traffic
The Field Training Program often sets the tone for new employees in the Public Safety arena. It is therefore important to ensure that Trainers are being provided the most up-to-date training and coaching techniques.
It is important that Field Training Officers (FTOs) maintain and refresh their training skills every 2 to 3 years. Refresher courses are typically recommended for Field Training Officers that already have experience training and evaluating new recruits in patrol, corrections, and communication and can be utilized to train an FTO with previous experience who has simply left and is returning to the field.
FTO courses are not for basic certification, but rather, give updated curriculum on new and important training techniques, legal changes, and communication and behavior styles.

What Can a FTO Refresher Teach Me?

A typical refresher course will review areas such as:

  • The Importance of Standardized Evaluations
  • Providing effective documentation
  • Adult Learning
  • General Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Teaching/Coaching Techniques
  • Communication, Feedback, Mentoring
  • Career Survival Tactics

Being up to speed on the latest and most important new Field Training teaching methods assists the FTO in helping the new recruits enter the field prepared, motivated, and efficient. With a highly trained and refreshed FTO, your new officers will create the best possible task force and ensure the most effective department possible. It is crucial that trainers are educating correctly and with up-to-date materials. Once trainers are properly prepared, they will help to build a foundation for the entire department.
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