4 Ways Software Helps You Run an Effective Correctional Facility

Running a correctional facility is no walk in the park. Whether housing hardened criminals in a penitentiary or running a county jail, running an efficient facility is paramount to success. In today’s day and age, this is a feat not accomplished without the right software. Here are four ways correctional facility software helps you run an effective correctional facility.
correctional facility software

Performance Evaluation

No matter what business you are in, performance evaluations are necessary for good management. The correctional business is no exception. With proper correctional facility software, performance reports can be easily accessed and edited from anywhere. Documents, files, and pictures can easily be attached to reports, including existing reports which can be integrated into your new system.

Efficiency in Field Training

Today’s software has replaced filing cabinets, at least for those looking to run at peak efficiency. The A.D.O.R.E. module is a web-based and paperless field-training software which streamlines the field training performance evaluation process and can even integrate backlogged employee reviews. It’s entirely customizable to your specific business and provides instant access to trainee strengths and weaknesses for remediation/termination reports.

Equipment Tracking

It takes a lot of equipment to run a correctional facility. From the gear worn by guards to the shredders and copiers used by your staff. There’s a lot to maintain. Correctional facility software can be used to help track assets, including equipment status. Within the system, each piece of equipment can show its product specifics, purchase history, issued-to history, warranty expiration dates—it’s really customized for your needs. .

Employee Records Management (ERM)

Just as it is important to keep track of your equipment, it is also important to know your employees‘ training. ERM software allows you to update your employees’ job qualifications and continuing education requirements. It can be setup to remind the employee, their supervisor, the instructor, and more of completion deadlines. ERM software also follows employee development from the day they are hired, showing skills gained, jobs completed and titles held—a great tool to ensure your employees have the necessary training and qualifications to perform the job.
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