Recording and Analyzing Data

Why Data is Vital to Decision-Making in the Public Safety Sector

 EMS, fire, and police agencies have a wide range of incoming and outgoing data points to manage. Technology has evolved to provide these agencies with the ability to send, receive, and most importantly act on real-time data. With up-to-the-minute tracking of personnel, equipment, and other data, public safety departments are better equipped to make important decisions in improving the effectiveness of their agency.

Take a look at how using data in the decision-making process can benefit your department.

Recording and Analyzing Data

 With MdE, Inc.’s industry-leading public safety software, you can effectively record, track, and analyze data department-wide. Whether an upcoming decision involves equipment for your officers or a change in an employee’s level of responsibility, you can access and utilize the data you need to make the most effective decision with confidence.

By tracking vital information on a regular basis, your public safety department will be creating a historical archive of data. Analyzing past and current data records can enable you to note specific patterns that will help you better predict future trends and make decisions to maintain or alter those trends. With this foresight, you can more easily:

  •   Understand how to best maintain data with favorable trends.
  •   Note areas that need improvement.
  •   Anticipate fluctuations before they occur.
  •   Make adjustments to better prepare your department. 

Data’s Role in Decision-Making

When you manage a department within the public safety sector, it’s vital that the decisions you make are geared towards improvement. Finding weaknesses or areas that need improvement among your department is simplified when you track and analyze your data efficiently.

Sometimes a noticeable trend in the data will make the necessity for improvement very obvious, while other times you may need to assess and analyze in more depth before using data alone to make significant changes or adjustments in a certain area. Either way, you’ll have data there to support your choices and give you the confidence you need to make important decisions.

Data Your Public Safety Software Can Track

MdE, Inc.’s public safety software enables you to track vital data in the areas of:

 Assets: Equipment, weapons, and other assets.

Personnel: Certifications, personal records, performance evaluations, job requirements, qualifications, and more.

Training: For Field Training Officers (FTO), Police Training Officers (PTO), and academy/in-service employees. 

To learn more about how our software can help you make better, data-driven decisions and improve the efficiency of your public safety department, reach out to us today at 1.877.500.5396.