Recording and Analyzing Data


Recording and Analyzing DataAs a Telecommunicator, you are familiar to technology, but do you take full advantage of it? Records management should be a top priority in running a smooth unit or facility and is essential to keeping employee and training information organized and optimized.

Maintain Performance Records

Could you say that all of your performance records are easily accessible and organized in one place? Modern public safety software like MdE’s PE (performance evaluations) module allows for journal entries to be input as often as needed, capturing details as needed about employee performance. You can attach photos, documents, and other files directly to your journal entry. You get the full picture in one place—no need for extra time spent searching for separate files to piece together. And, best of all, it’s all digital!

Timely Feedback

Public safety requires teamwork between law enforcement, dispatch, medical and other units to meet their goals. Therefore, as a dispatch training officer, you may not be the only person providing feedback on one of your employees. For example, a Patrol Captain may provide performance feedback on a new dispatcher based on a recent interaction. Instead of reaching out to you as their supervisor, the captain can simply log into PE (the performance evaluation system) and add a comment directly to the employee’s file. The software could notify the supervisor and/or the employee that a journal entry was made. Comments are documented, time-stamped, and easy to access when it’s time for the formal Performance Evaluation.

Uniformity begins in Field Training and Continues Beyond

The field training program is a critical piece to ensuring new dispatchers are properly trained, and performance-based objectives are met on time. The ADORE  FTO/PTO module captures observation reports and evaluations, journals, CTRs, PBLE’s and allows for trending analysis to guide field training toward improved standardization. It is intuitive and paperless, which can help improve efficiency!

It’s also easily customizable. Do you have a checklist for each call? Automate that and look for individual trends as well as trends for a group of trainees. Even better, expand that and use that form for coaching when long-term employees need refresher training on procedures that may need to be ‘brushed up.’

Manage In-Person and online Classes

As a part of In-Service training, your 911 professionals need to successfully complete several training requirements, such as basic telecommunications, call taking, dispatch/radio training, domestic violence, first aid and CPR. Keeping track of everyone’s attendance, performance, and the overall class standing can be difficult with only pen and paper/spreadsheets. Take advantage of software like our Catalog/CLASS module which secures classroom and online training in one place and can automatically calculate pass/fail status.

Create content to meet your needs. Add tests, class evaluations and instructor evaluations to complete your training needs.

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