Saving Employees with Performance Improvement Plans

Keeping up with expectations at any level of public safety can seem like an impossible task. Between long hours, high levels of stress, and any number of other factors, performance can start to decline. However, there are methods and solutions that you can employ to ensure your team is ready to meet the challenges of their profession.

The Solution is Performance Improvement Plans 

Here’s where Performance Improvement Plans can work wonders. PIPs are designed to help your team improve in a focused and proven methodology. By assessing the root of your employee’s challenges, you can then create pathways to success that they can use to get back on track.

After all, improving the performance of an existing employee is almost always more efficient than attempting to replace them. The process of interviewing, hiring, and then initially training costs your department substantial time and money. This new employee may also face the same kinds of burnout and overwork that your previous employee experienced, thus, putting you back at square one a few months down the line. By strengthening your existing team, you can foster an environment where your officers can succeed and become the best that they can be.

Facilitating Communication with Your Department

Performance Improvement Plans can certainly help your team improve their performance, as one would expect, but they can also improve overall communication within your department. Many people may feel that asking for help or accommodation at work is something to be discouraged or a sign of weakness, but this is not the case. When management or senior officers reach out to those that are struggling, the whole team will see that their challenges are not something to hide or be ashamed of, but are just that: challenges. Challenges are meant to be overcome. By implementing PIP with your team, you can help foster an environment of honesty, acceptance, and support, which can only lead to better performance, communication, and growth for your department.

Let MdE Show You How PIPs Can Transform Your Department

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