National Telecommunicator Week

Putting Their Lives on the Phone Lines

Prioritizing Our Nation

With National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week the second week of April, it’s important to recognize everyone committing their lives to the cause in making the country a safer place. This week of recognition was originally created in 1981, as Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in California rightfully wanted to remember all the dispatchers and call-takers.

In 2020, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there are over 93,000 public safety telecommunicators, choosing a stressful job for the safety of the nation. Working all different hours of the day too, these 24/7 workers have to be ready in a moment’s notice.

Their Critical Role

Telecommunicators fill an integral role. Not only because they have to be alert at all times during their high stress jobs, but also because they are the backbone in the response to emergency situations. There are countless situations where seconds can make all the difference in successfully securing a community member’s safety.

Whether it’s a burglary, theft, or medical emergency, these telecommunicators are the people we trust to be on the ball and committed to serving the public in the most optimal way possible.

What They Mean to Us

In wake of the pandemic, a light was shed on the healthcare workers countrywide and now that the country is opening back up again, it’s important to recognize another form of emergency workers. This line of work has been and always will be incredibly important for the safety and justice of the nation, so on behalf of everyone, MdE appreciates you for dedicating yourself to this profession.

MdE has worked with Public Safety for over 20 years. We provide software and services for tracking training and performance which can aid in early intervention.   If you or someone you know is interested in more information, contact us at or call 877-500-5396.