field training officer software

Essential Features Your FTO Software Needs

Your agency’s field training officers play a vital role in shaping the future of your public safety department. Their operations require accountability for themselves, their trainees, their agency, and the community. Field training officers can better secure and maintain that accountability by using software designed to add automation to reduce errors in training operations and reporting. The right FTO software solution for your department will offer all of these valuable features:

Digitized Daily Observation Reports

Are your FTOs still using pen and paper to document the evolution of each new recruit? The margin for error is significant with this outdated technique. With software that digitizes this process, you and your field training officers can:

  • Record all trainee and performance data in one secure location
  • Access reports from anywhere at any time
  • Maintain more legible and accurate documents
  • Substantiate promotion and termination decisions
  • Reduce the margin for error

Efficient Training Program Analysis

FTO software should do more than just integrate with your current program – it should also help shape your operations as efficiently as possible. The right software will provide you with a simple way to analyze your department’s FTO program from within. Software that provides comprehensive analysis of your field training operations and identifies trends in performance results enables you to spot strengths, weaknesses, areas needing improvement, and the overall effectiveness of your program.

In-Depth Record-Keeping

What is your department’s current process for revisiting trainee data, whether you’re looking for their performance evaluation from a specific training session or you need to confirm personal information? If your files are stored in a cabinet at headquarters, completing this task can hardly be done quickly and efficiently. Instead, utilizing FTO software can provide an on-the-go database of trainee data, allowing officers and authorized staff to find the information they need right away, no matter their location.

The Industry-Leading FTO Software Your Department Needs

With over 20 years of experience, MdE Inc. is the industry leader in public safety training solutions and management software. Our ADORE™ software is designed with each one of the features above and more. It is our goal to provide professionals in the public sector with the software solutions they need to succeed and thrive in their most essential duties.

To learn about the additional capabilities of ADORE™ software or to get your department started with our industry-leading FTO reporting solution, call MdE, Inc. today at 1.877.500.5396.