What to Look for When Evaluating New Recruits

When hiring new recruits to work in the public safety sector, individual evaluation is essential. Effective evaluation allows you to form a professional team operating at peak efficiencies. Most all new recruits go through intense training in their first couple weeks (or months). During this time their performance is evaluated regularly (if not daily) to […]

Improving Data Integrity with Software

Today, we live in a digital world and do most of our data construction, utilization, and management electronically. Ensuring this data is accurate and reliable over the entire span of its life is the basic goal of data integrity. Key points regarding managing data are listed below: Data should be recorded at the time of[…..]

Police Department Software

Technology is important for almost every kind of business, and the public safety sector is no exception. MdE has developed a variety of web-based software programs which enable police departments to run more smoothly and efficiently in all areas from employee management to equipment tracking and much more. Performance Evaluation Software Being able to access[…..]

Software for Airports, Ports and Private Security

Airports, ports, and private security sectors are large facilities which require a great deal of time and effort to run smoothly and efficiently. There are many challenges and responsibilities management must face and handle. And the large number of employees and amount of equipment which need to be accounted for and maintained can become very[…..]

Software is Crucial for Efficiency in Public Safety

In the public safety industry, efficiency is vital. Your department can easily help employees improve efficiency by providing the most up-to-date public safety software solutions. Just as efficient employees are critical in effectively serving the public, a user-friendly, customizable software system is essential in improving effectiveness for any public-safety agency. Accurate Reporting What’s the point[…..]

Time to Register for the 2017 MdE Users’ Group

This year’s MdE Users’ Groups are scheduled, and slots are filling up quick! Be sure to register soon as seats are limited. Here’s a little more on where the users’ groups will take place, what is covered at the users’ groups, and why you should sign up for a users’ group in your area, today![…..]

It’s Time to Register for MdE’s 2017 Users’ Groups!

Space is limited and slots are filling up quickly. What does MdE cover at our annual Users’ Groups and why should you attend? You already know that ongoing training is important. If your department doesn’t stay ahead of the training curve, you may fall behind in learning about industry trends. Remaining current with MdE’s newest[…..]

Emergency Medical Services Software Solutions

Working in the emergency medical services (EMS) field can prove to be quite stressful. At MdE, Inc. our EMS software solutions ease some of that daily stress by automating many tasks currently performed using spreadsheets or paper. This article provides an overview of MdE’s modular software solutions, saving time and energy for the busy Emergency[…..]

Does Your Employee Records Management Software Need to be Upgraded or Replaced?

If your law-enforcement agency uses employee records management software (ERM), be aware of signs that it is time for an upgrade or replacement. While most systems are built for longevity, or have the capability to be upgraded, yours might not be. It is common for agencies to find they have outgrown their employee records management[…..]

How Software can Help your K9 Program

Dedicated Software Helps Your K9 Program Run More Efficiently Implement dedicated K9 software to help manage the unexpected issues that arise in managing and running your K9 program. As an employee records management software program can help your department run more efficiently, a K9 software, such as KATS, does the same for a K9 program.[…..]