Time to Register for the 2017 MdE Users’ Group

This year’s MdE Users’ Groups are scheduled, and slots are filling up quick! Be sure to register soon as seats are limited. Here’s a little more on where the users’ groups will take place, what is covered at the users’ groups, and why you should sign up for a users’ group in your area, today!

Why Sign Up for the 2017 MdE Users’ Groups

Ongoing training is important. So important that if you’re not doing it every year, you and your team could easily fall behind in industry trends. Along these lines, by staying up to date with MdE’s technology and techniques you can also ensure optimal performance from your department and software. Lastly, it’s a good idea to sign up for this year’s MdE Users’ Group now, as opposed to waiting, because spots are limited and they are already starting to fill up.

What We’ll Cover at This Year’s Event

At this year’s event, we will show you how to optimize your software and customize it for your current needs. Even though your PeACEq/ADORE software was customized for you at the start, YOU have the ability to modify it when it’s needed. At this year’s Users’ Group we’ll help you with the following:

  • Are your Task List/Phase Objectives or Focus Activities out-of-date?
  • Are your DOR categories enough or are there too few?
  • How about modifying or adding a Problem Based Learning Exercise (PBLE)?
  • You want to lose the paper form you use for the Training Summary?

You’ll also be able to learn how to quickly & easily defend employment decisions that affect the safety of your personnel and the people you serve!

The Locations

The 2017 MdE Users’ Groups will be located in Forth Worth, TX and Omaha, NE. Fort Worth’s event dates will be Wednesday, October 11th – Friday, October 13th. Omaha’s event date dates will be Monday, October 16th – Wednesday, October 18th. For more information on the cities themselves, and what to do after the Users’ Groups, check out their visitor websites at Visit Omaha and Fort Worth.
For more information on this year’s MdE Users’ Groups, get in touch with MdE, Inc. today. MdE, Inc. is the industry’s leading software and training solutions provider for the public safety sector. Call or email us today for a free demonstration of our software, or to talk more about the upcoming users’ groups. We can be reached at 1-877-500-5396 or by filling out the contact us form on our website here.