The Importance of Records Management

Whether you are running a local dispatch, correctional facility, EMS, or security firm, good record keeping is essential. Well organized and maintained records can save you time and headaches while protecting the public and your team. Records management be a top priority in running a smooth unit or facility, it is essential to keep employee and training information organized and optimized. Here are some reasons why records management should be a priority for the public safety community and beyond.
To Maintain Regulatory Compliance
In the United States record compliance is highly regulated and the various laws can be very difficult to adhere to. Many choose to use a record management and compliance program or company, in these situations the responsibility lies on the management company. MdE provides software that helpful and flexible for employee and records management.
To Optimize Efficiency
Maintaining good records can help you improve efficiency and as a result, decrease costs and increase profit. By maintaining good records, you have the ability to look back through the company’s history and see trends and themes, which can help them find productivity issues or areas of waste. These trends and themes then allow the company to make the adjustments needed to make the company more efficient or profitable. A good record management software can also increase efficiency of creating and maintaining documentation. Talk to MdE about the software options that it can offer your unit, after all, MdE does stand for Managing Data Efficiently.
To Minimize Risk
As mentioned above, record compliance can be very confusing and improper record management can pose major litigation risks. When record compliance is not met there can be citations and penalties that the management will be responsible for, but proper records management software can reduce this risk. Outsourced records management will further reduce this risk, as the management company assumes responsibility for any non-compliance.
To Protect Important Information
Proper records management can also protect a company’s vital information in the event of a catastrophe. Good records management involves both a system for organizing, storing and maintaining physical documents, as well as a system for keeping digital copies of those documents. If there is no digital copy, all records would be lost in the event of a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event. MdE is dedicated to provided consistent and evolving software for the safety community that will protect all it’s vital information.
Good record management is essential to a well run department. Not only is in often required to meet regulations and prevent hefty penalties, it also increases overall efficiency. If your Law enforcement, security, dispatch, corrections facility, EMS, or Fire and Rescue departments are in need of a better records management systems, we offer several different software options, training classes, and ongoing support. Contact MdE for more information of to schedule a free demonstration.