Software for Airports, Ports and Private Security

Airports, ports, and private security sectors are large facilities which require a great deal of time and effort to run smoothly and efficiently. There are many challenges and responsibilities management must face and handle. And the large number of employees and amount of equipment which need to be accounted for and maintained can become very overwhelming.
If the airport software system you currently have in place to manage your employees and equipment is lacking and not producing the sufficient data needed to manage your staff, assess employee performance, and track and manage equipment and assets, we can help!
Software for Airports, Ports and Private Security
MdE, Inc. has been Managing Data Efficiently and providing software for ports, private security, airports and many other institutions all over the nation since 1999. Our main goal is to provide you with the time to focus on the more important aspects of your job by developing strategies and software that will simplify, speed up, and automate record keeping processes.
We have developed numerous types of airport, ports, and private security software products, including:

  • ERM – Employee Records Management – which tracks employees’ job requirements, flags employees before job training or certifications expire, provides instant notifications that reduce time spent researching records, and more.
  • Performance Evaluation – automate existing performance evaluations, access critical reporting for termination & remediation, utilize remote journal entry for more thorough evaluations;
  • A.D.O.R.E. (AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations) – web-based paperless system for field training and observation reports (FTO/PTO/custom), color-coded performance charts and analysis, remediation/termination reports and summaries;
  • CLASS – allows data input for large groups quickly, monitors status of students in basic and advanced academies, automatically calculates P/F or ‘missed training’ status, can provide class average and standing, tracks In-Service training easily;
  • Equipment Tracking – tracks equipment from purchase to end-of-use, provides instant accountability reports (active, sold, destroyed, etc.), monitor equipment maintenance and repair history, document usage for qualification, , etc.

For additional information on the types of airport software solutions and services we provide, or to request a free demonstration, contact us today!