National EMS/Police Week – Duality in Duty

May 12, 2022

Duality in Duty


Conflicts all across the United States require certain skills to de-escalate and resolve. May 15th marks both EMS and Police week and MdE is proud to participate in honoring those who protect and serve our communities in these roles.

Ultimately these heroes have the same goals: to keep order, mitigate difficult situations and ensure safety around the country. Although they may be trained in different ways and rely on different skills; their strong relationship and partnership is important for the safety and security of America.

Cut from the Same Cloth

There’s no wonder why these two teams work so well with each other; the protocols and procedures of the groups are to respond to an emergency, and work hand-in-hand to resolve the situation. Even in the aftermath, they work together to find the source of the conflict, and how to best prepare for a possible future recurrence. 

Similar traits are needed to succeed at these high-stakes jobs. Rather than having a slow day at the office, these workers must be alert and aware of any sort of situation they can find themselves in. The difference between being zoned in and out of this job can be incredible and have great implications for people’s livelihood. This is why it’s so necessary that they are trained well and know how important they are to the country. 

MdE has worked with Public Safety for over 20 years. We provide software and services for tracking training and performance which can aid in early intervention. If you or someone you know is interested in more information, contact us at or call 877-500-5396.