Virtual Roundtable on Field Training hosted by MdE, Inc.

MdE Hosts Virtual Roundtable on Field Training

A recent virtual roundtable on field training philosophies, hosted by MdE, Inc. brought to light several thoughts on training new recruits in public safety. As a leader in public safety software for tracking training, MdE wants to bring together stakeholders, ensuring that the industry progresses as much as possible each year. Items from this roundtable clearly demonstrate software’s impact on public safety field training.

Virtual Roundtable on Field Training hosted by MdE, Inc.

Clients Attending

MdE invited existing clients from across the nation and hosted facilitators from Indiana, Florida, and Illinois to help guide a conversation on the best training topics and methods. Facilitators spoke across disciplines – law enforcement, dispatch, jail and EMS – discussing both their preferences and philosophies which they believe work best for their agencies.

Training Topics

With a desire to learn, MdE wants to know what clients prefer but does not take an active position for or against any training methodology — i.e. San Jose, PTO, Incident-Based, etc.

Topics discussed included:

  • The benefits of evaluating call to call, as opposed to daily or even weekly observation reports 
  • The differences in remediation of a trainee based on various training philosophies, aiming for trainees to learn from their mistakes
  • The ratings used in an evaluation, and the reasoning behind them 
  • Why some agencies have switched from the more traditional San Jose approach to Incident-based (or vice-versa).

MdE then provided an online demonstration of its software’s capabilities using the Incident-based philosophy.  

MdE also showcased trending analytics that can capture a trainee’s strengths/weaknesses by type of call, phase, trainer, and more.  

The Results of Our Discussion

In the eyes of the facilitators, trainees can progress from call to call, day to day, and phase to phase with consistent feedback. Moreover, training software creates an immediate and permanent record of the trainee’s performance and the training provided, and can steer future training processes with the trending analytics it provides.

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