Managing Employee Performance With Software for EMS

There are many different types of software employees working in fire and rescue or emergency medical services interact with on a daily basis. There is software for time cards and shifts, dispatch, patient care reporting, inventory, and so on. All of these tools allow emergency responders to do their work fast and efficiently. But what about the human resources department? They might be behind the scenes, but their job is also an important one and could be greatly improved with the right type of software. Today we’ll talk about how you can streamline and automate certain HR functions with employee management software for EMS.
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Track Job Requirements

When it comes to emergency services, such as fire and rescue or EMTs, you need more than a college diploma or experience to get the job. There are many certifications, qualifications and licenses that need to be maintained and renewed when the time comes. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had software that could automatically notify you when someone’s license is about to expire? This would save a lot of room in your already busy schedule and eliminate the need to maintain a dozen of spreadsheets.

Streamline Classes

Do you offer professional development or other classes to help your employees meet qualification requirements or keep up to date on the latest industry developments? If so, then you could use software to easily keep track of everyone in a specific class, monitor their progress and even calculate a class average.

Centralize Field Training

You already know how important new employee training is for building an effective team. And considering how stressful and demanding an EMT’s job can be, it’s often difficult to keep all the field training records in one place. With a field training module such as MdE Inc’s AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations (A.D.O.R.E.), you can record, search and access all trainee information in a matter of minutes and generate reports just as quickly.

Evaluate Performance

Beyond the initial training and recurring professional development, how do you evaluate employee performance? Do supervisors come back after a long day in the field and write an entry in their journal? What if they could make journal entries in real time while the details of the event are fresh? And then attach accompanying photographs or other relevant files? This would save a lot of time and help keep employee evaluation data organized—no need to decipher anyone’s handwriting and no important facts are forgotten and left out.
At MdE Inc., we know from experience that public safety organizations, including emergency medical service providers, have different requirements than regular businesses when it comes to employee training and management software. That’s why we design our products with your unique needs in mind. Contact us today if you have any questions about how our software can be matched with the needs of your organization.