Improving Data Integrity with Software

Today, we live in a digital world and do most of our data construction, utilization, and management electronically. Ensuring this data is accurate and reliable over the entire span of its life is the basic goal of data integrity. Key points regarding managing data are listed below:

  1. Data should be recorded at the time of observation
  2. Data should be accurate, that is free from errors, and conform with protocol
  3. Data should reflect who observed and recorded it
  4. Data should reflect to whom (or what) it pertains
  5. Data should be easily understood
  6. Data should be recorded in a permanent manner, including all original entries.

Improving Data Integrity with Software

How can I improve data integrity with software?

  • Data that is stored electronically is much more secure and permanent than data stored on paper. Software programs work as a single source for your data, stored electronically, and can be secured in many ways to ensure its permanence and safety. Physical documents, however, can be easy for other parties to lose or alter. Losing sensitive and important data or allowing it to be placed in the wrong hands greatly reduces the integrity of the data and can cause irreparable damage.
  • Recording data as it is happening is more efficient and easily distributed to other personnel immediately. Waiting to record data after the event can lead to discrepancies and omissions.
  • When different groups of data are stored in varying places, reports can end up being incorrect or insufficient. A lack of collaboration between all employees who input and manage your business’ most important data is the main culprit here. Software will make it easy for all parties to combine and compare data, enabling more complete and accurate reports, and increasing data integrity.

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