How to Keep Up With Certifications in Your Police Department

When most people think of police work they think of chasing down burglars, walking beats, and being involved in high-speed car chases, and while these certainly are all aspects of the job, most of an officer’s time is spent doing less exciting tasks. A police officer’s most important tool is not his gun or baton, instead, it is his pencil and pen. There’s a lot of paperwork that goes around a police station, and there are a lot of different certifications that all of your officers need to maintain. We wanted to take a little time today to discuss how public safety management software can help you.


                Employee Records Management

Our Employee Records Management software (ERM) is a very powerful tool that allows you to track different types of information. Below are just a few examples of what ERM can do for your department:

  •       Track all employees’ job requirements
  •       Restrict access based on subject matter or chain of command
  •       Instant notification regarding employee job compliance reduces time spent searching through records

                Quick Record Updates

Another important aspect of our management software is the CLASS module. MdE’s CLASS module allows you to quickly update records and input data without needing to open and close multiple pages or profiles. Here’s a little bit of what our CLASS module can do for you:

  •       Automatically calculate Pass/Fail status, class average, and class standing
  •       Easily track all In-Service training
  •       Instantly monitor the status of students in basic and advanced academies
  •       Quickly input data for a large group of students with a single keystroke


                Partner with a Public Safety Software Expert

Here at MdE, Inc. we have been providing our management software and helping public safety for years. We know that your agency’s mission to serve is of utmost importance –  let us help you do it a little more efficiently.

Our team is standing by ready to help you. Give us a call today.