Digital field training software

Having Solid Documentation is Critical

Your organization cannot be successful without having proper documentation and effective documentation procedures. They play an important role for the organization’s employees and its clients. But what is it about documentation that makes it so crucial for organizations? Keep reading to find out. 

Record Keeping

“If it’s not documented, it did not happen”. Documentation provides a written record of events, procedures, and conversations. If a dispute occurs, verbal agreements cannot be proven. Written documents minimize risk to the organization since they can be used as evidence during legal matters, audits, and disputes. Organizations can greatly reduce liability by having effective documentation procedures.


Keep Track of Progress

Every organization has goals. Proper documentation helps achieve those goals by tracking progress.  This can help leaders prioritize tasks, hold employees accountable, and improve productivity. Regardless of the industry, your organization is in, it can benefit from tracking progress through proper documentation.

Easy to Access Information

Both new and experienced employees need access to the organization’s products, policies, and procedures. If documents are not centralized, it can be difficult for employees to access all of the information they need. Even the most seasoned employees will need to lookup organization or project protocol at some point. Proper documentation and its procedures make it easy for employees to access information they need without having to seek help from others. 

Fast and Effective Training

Your organization will want to get new hires accustomed to the company’s policies, procedures, and overall culture as quickly as possible. Your organization can do that by having an effective training program. Proper documentation is part of an effective training program since it aids in the transfer of knowledge. Training documents can include things such as:

  • Guidelines
  • Policy Updates
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • References
  • Checklist for new hire’s progress

Most importantly, proper training documents allow new hires to acquire the knowledge they need independently and at their own pace.

Do You Have the Right Documentation?

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