Does Your Employee Records Management Software Need to be Upgraded or Replaced?

If your law-enforcement agency uses employee records management software (ERM), be aware of signs that it is time for an upgrade or replacement. While most systems are built for longevity, or have the capability to be upgraded, yours might not be. It is common for agencies to find they have outgrown their employee records management software. Here are some signs your system needs an upgrade or replacement.
Does Your Employee Records Management Software Need to be Upgraded or Replaced?

Poor Reporting

Over time, users begin to understand the intricacies of what employee records management software should be able to do. If your system cannot deliver high-quality, actionable reports that you need, it is time to upgrade or replace.

System Costs Time

Is the software costing you time instead of saving time? Sometimes, data entry takes time: It is simply the cost of having a wealth of information at your fingertips. However, if there is a faster or simpler way to input data, or if the employee records management software is not user friendly, is hard to customize, or is just too slow to respond, you likely need an upgrade or replacement.

Employee Feedback

Your employees are your greatest resource; use them wisely. Conduct frequent check-ups with employees at all levels of your organization to see how they feel about your current employee records management software system. This will not only improve workplace satisfaction as your employees feel heard, it will also help identify areas in your current system that need improvement.

System Doesn’t Scale

If your agency is growing, and your current system can’t grow with you, this is an obvious sign your system needs to be replaced. If your employee records management software system has built-in limits to number of users, storage capacities for data, or limitations to the amount of records you can store at your agency’s desired budget, you need to consider an upgrade or replacement before you reach the limits of your current program.

Industry Leading Employee Records Management Software

Looking for an improved employee records management software system for your agency? Contact an experienced company that delivers software solutions for the public-safety sector nationwide. You will be confident that your new employee records management software system will be of high quality and meet your agency’s needs. Remember, if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

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